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Professional Facial Steamers

A professional facial steamer is a must-have for any salon, and we have some of the best facial steamer models in the industry, including those from top-end manufacturers Eco Steam, Equipro, CSC and Paragon. Here you'll find a spa steamer to fit both your requirements and your budget, whether you're looking into an aromatherapy facial steamer such as the CSC Adjustable Ozone Steamer with Aromatherapy Basket or an ozone facial steamer without the aromatherapy option.

For a facial steamer with mag lamp, take a look at the Paragon 101/186 or the CSC Multifunction High Frequency Steamer, which includes ozone, aromatherapy and essential oil therapy. This one does it all! The CSC Adjustable Ozone Steamer with Aromatherapy is another of CSC's unique steamers. It features a one-of-a-kind flexible arm that can be put in an almost unlimited number of positions, runs up to a full hour and has adjustable steam pressure.

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Paragon Multi Function Facial Machine Model 7100 Equipro ~ Vapoderm Facial Steamer w/Stand Equipro ~ Vapoderm Facial Steamer
Paragon 7100 Multi Function Facial Machine
  • Two year factory warranty
  • A glass steamer jar, not plastic
  • A five-legged stand, included in price
  • Two year factory warranty
  • A glass steamer jar, not plastic
  • A Disabled End-of-Cycle feature
  • Equipro Classic Facial Steamer CSC Multifunction Steamer, Lamp, High Frequency CSC Adjustable Ozone Steamer w/Aromatherapy Basket
    Our Equipro Classic steamer is the perfect vaporizer to help you detox, cleanse and prepare the skin for facial treatments. Ozone Steamer, 5 Diopter Mag Lamp, High Frequency CSC Aroma Herbal Ozone Steamer w/ Flex Arm & Digital Display
    CSC Digital Aromatherapy Ozone Steamer Paragon Steamer Arm Bracket Equipro Lamp arm/bracket for facial steamer
    Beautiful Steamer with OZONE
    Arm Moves up and down as well as sideways
    Digital timer and controls
    High quality bracket allowing you to attach your magnifying lamp to your steamer.  Perfect for the small facials rooms where space is of the essence. Equipro superior quality adapter arm (bracket) designed to fit the Equipro steamer stand. This bracket provides a secure place for your favorite magnifying lamp and eliminates extra items on the floor of the facial room.
    Paragon Part ~ 101 Facial Steamer ~ Replacement Glass Jar Steamer Arm Paragon  ~ Steamer Jar Gasket Seal ~ 101 Facial Steamer
    Paragon 101 Steamer Glass Jar Economy bracket for mounting your magnifying lamp to your steamer. Helps save space and reduce clutter in cramped facial rooms. Gasket for 101 Paragon Steamer Jar