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Pellon vs Muslin

Probably the most familiar strip to all of us is what is sometimes erroneously called 'waxing paper'. The strips most of us are using are actually pellon material and also known as "non-woven strips". Pellon consists of fabric fibers which are tightly compressed forming a strong material conveniently cut into strips. Wax strips are commonly pre-cut into either 9" x 3" pieces or found on a roll from which you can cut your own. The rolls will range in length from 40 yards to 100 yards. Pellon is also used as a support material by clothing manufacturers.

Typically, rolls of pellon are less expensive per measure, as there is a little labor involved. Some of our esthetician partners enjoy cutting their own strips to custom length which is really helpful for services like body waxing, or leg waxing specifically.

Fabric wax strips are muslin are muslin and are sold both bleached and unbleached. The bleached muslin strips will appear very white and also thinner in texture. Unbleached muslin strips will be a beige to brown color and appear thicker in texture. Bleached muslin may present with a bleed-through of soft wax and become sticky to the touch. Before pellon, muslin was the primary choice.

"Wax Paper" may also refer to a roll of white paper used to cover the facial bed under the client. This paper is protection for sheets or the vinyl covering on your bed. A roll of "wax paper" also called "exam paper", can be purchased in two different widths: 21 inch and 27 inch. Exam or wax paper rolls are quite inexpensive and can be fun for kids to use for coloring or craft paper with the challenge of creating a story to "roll up!"