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Skin sensitivity is often related to impairment of the natural balance of skin functions. Anxiety, stress, genetics, environmental factors, nutritional imbalance and inadequate care can all be catalysts for extreme reaction by our largest sensory organ. The result is a functional skin disorder and an impaired skin immunity system. Consequently, the skin requires special care and attention to counterbalance such factors. Care must focus on regenerating and fortifying the skin\'s protective shield and reducing skin irritation. The \"Sensi-bel\" range ensures a particularly gentle and balanced skin therapy. It is especially caring for Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, and skin with a tendency to have hormonal breakouts. All products in this series have been tested to ensure dermatological compatibility.
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Sensi-Bel ~ Delicate Tonic Sensi-Bel ~ Delicate Cleanser Sensi-Bel ~ Delicate Day Care
This mild tonic reduces skin irritations and makes the skin surface less susceptible to attack by irritants. This naturally-colored, soap-free gel ensures skin calming and protection even during the cleansing process. A rich DMS moisturizing fluid for very sensitive and strained skin.
Sensi-Bel ~ Delicate Night Care Sensi-Bel ~ Couperosis Compact Creme Sensi-Bel ~ Couperosis Peel-Off Mask Rubberized Mask
A rich DMS soothing care fluid for very sensitive and strained skin. Greenish covering cream for partial application on red and uneven skin areas. Alginate powder/peel off mask
Sensi-Bel ~ Couperosis Hydroprotective Cream Sensi-Bel ~ Couperosis  Serum
Day and night face care to treat damaged skin with fragile capillaries and erythema. Soothing phyto-concentrate for frail skin.