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BCL Moisturizing Hand and Foot Creams

There’s nothing more soothing to dry skin than a nourishing cream, and at Terry Binns Catalog, we have just what you need to provide your clients with moisturizing relief for irritated, itchy skin. Our line of BCL hand and foot creams contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help improve skin elasticity to repair even the worst of skin, leaving it silky smooth after application. Use BCL moisturizing lotion in your hand and nail care routine before a manicure, to combat dry winter skin or simply to enhance a client’s experience and make them feel truly pampered. Not just for hands and feet, some of our BCL moisturizing creams, such as our citrus coconut critical repair cream, have brightening effects, which makes them great dark spot correctors. At Terry Binns Catalog, you will find exclusive products from industry-leading brands such as BCL, a company that strives to promote self-care items and believes in using organic ingredients to deliver high-quality spa products. All of our BCL Critical Repair creams are cruelty-free products.

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Critical Repair Hand Cream 3oz Critical Repair Hand Cream 3oz

Luxuriously moisturizing cream to aid in repairing dry skin. Lightly scented.

Critical Repair Hand Cream 7 oz. Critical Repair Hand Cream 7 oz.

Sea Kelp Critical Repair Cream for hands, feet, and body. Fast absorbing. For dry, cracked or callused skin - moisturizes and softens.

med Lipidro Foot Cream Gehwol Lipidro Foot Cream 75 ml / 2.6 oz

Treats, reduces and helps protect against hard skin.