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Cirepil Depilatory Soft Wax

Cirepil soft wax offers a revolutionary product to perform every wax from Brazilian waxes to eyebrow waxing for sensitive skin without the regular pain of traditional waxing. These soft waxes have been perfected over the course of more than 70 years by French manufacturer Perron Rigot. By utilizing the feedback and comments of both women patients and estheticians, this brand has been able to create a line of premium depilatory waxes that are sure to give your customers unbelievably soft skin without all the pain.

With a variety of warm soft waxes too choose from, we offer Cirepil hot strip wax formulas for different skin types and hair textures to cater to the unique needs of each and every client. Terry Binns promotes trusted Cirepil products to small and large salon customers. Our selection of warm strip waxes and Cirepil bikini waxes promotes beauty with wholesale cost-saving passed to our loyal customers on every order.

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Shimmering gel texture, Beautiful purple color, Gentle Lavender (calm) Scent, Ideal for all hair and skin types
Developed for very sensitive skin, this wax is very efficient for short and shaved hair. For hard-to-remove and resistant medium to coarse hair.
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Provides tonifying and smoothing properties at a low temperature for large areas of the body. Cirepil Origine Certified Organic Soft Wax Ideal for waxing large areas of the body and face.