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Biohazard Sharps Container Econo 4 oz. Implement Sterilzation Jar No. 11 Manicurist Jar
Translucent lid allows staff to identify fill levels quickly, thus helping to save time.
Commonly used for nail-techs to disinfect and clean instruments. Economical Choice.
Height 3.5"
Diameter 3"
Capacity 4 oz.
Specifically designed to hold manicurists' implements
Mehaz Disinfectant Tray 21oz Glass Manicure Jar No. 3 Manicurist Jar
For sterilizing manicure and pedicure implements skin care implements hair shears and sterilizing files Great for Sanitizing and disinfecting implements. No. 3 Manicurist Jar
No. 6 Manicurist Jar No. 4 Manicurist Jar No. 7 Manicurist Jar
Complete immersion of manicurists' implements Complete immersion of manicurists' implements No. 7 Manicurist Jar
No. 8 Manicurist Jar Henry Schein Germicide Tray with Stainless Steel Cover UV Sterilization Box  ~ Sterilizer  ~ Sanitation
No. 8 Manicurist Jar Premium Germicide Tray
Features a Stainless Steel lid with a white plastic base
Fanta Sea UV Sterilization Box with Stainless Steel Basket/Tray