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Wellness – Beauty - Balance. With today’s accelerated lifestyle it has become even more important to interrupt the work pattern and the hectic fast pace and withdraw and take time for oneself. Allow yourself these important moments of relaxation and restoration in everyday life to find your personal balance. For these moments the »samtea body & balance« offers sensual and effective holistic care.

DR.BELTER® COSMETIC draws from a variety of nature and uses domestic as well as exotic active ingredients to provide effective, holistic care concepts for spas and home care, e.g. Marine active substances, silk powder, aromatherapy elements, fruit and botanic extracts, herbs, biotechnological ingredients…
Holistic does not mean only considering the human being with all of his facets, but also combining scientifically demanding formulas with the sensual wellness concept for an integral whole.

»samtea body & balance« body care line gives exceptional wellness simply because it is so seductive and pleasant that you will regularly take the time to devote to yourself and to your body.
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Samtea ~ Oriental Peeling Glove Samtea ~ Lotus Shower and Bath Gel Samtea ~ Shower and Bath Oil
It frees the skin from any unevenness and stimulates the blood circulation. This blossomy gel composition with Lotus essence is a tender wake-up kiss for the skin. The skin simply feels fresh, clean and free. This silky soft oil cleanses your skin without drying it out.
Samtea ~ Thermo Guarana Peel-Off Mask Samtea ~ Phyto Cleansing Lotion Dr. Belter ~ Samtea ~ Basic Massage Oil
This body mask for firming and cellulite treatments is a profession application with exceptional effects. The Phyto Cleansing Lotion is especially designed for soaking the Oriental Peeling Glove, thus making it ready for application. Samtea ~ Basic Massage Oil
Samtea ~ Bio-Satin Body Lotion Samtea ~ Velvet Veil Care Oil Samtea ~ Seasalt and Sugar Scrub
Balances the effects of moisture loss in the skin and provides nourishing, vitalising elements. This hydrophilic multi-talent is also suitable as a caring bath water additive or massage oil. This aromatic balmy body scrub, frees the skin from any unevenness and helps it to achieve a smooth fresh- looking complexion
Samtea ~ Thermo Contour Complex Samtea ~ Basic Massage Milk Samtea ~ Perfect Recovery Body Cream
The product is intended for application in the case of cellulite and slack skin tissue. Soothing and caring ingredients from the basis for a unique massage that provides a pleasant skin feeling. The strengthening and intensive temporary treatment, restores the elasticity and firmness of particular body areas demanding extra care
Dr. Belter ~ Samtea ~ Energy Essence Samtea ~ Lipo Activator Samtea ~ Natura Vital Aroma
Samtea Energy Essence Lipo Activator ~ Purifying Anti-Cellulite Concentrate A mix of 100% pure natural essentail oils. Invigorating, reinforcing, supports ability to concentrate emotionally elevating and slightly resinous
Samtea ~ Citrus Fresh Aroma Samtea ~ Ayurveda Harmony Aroma
A mix of 100% pure natural essential oils. Refreshing, invigorating, conveys thirst for action and optimism and postively influences the immune system. A mix of 100% pure natural essential oils. Harmonizing, balancing, to harmonize the three Doshas of life.