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Paragon Rolling Carts & Trolleys

A rolling spa shelf cart is the most crucial piece of equipment for an aesthetician; it holds all of the essential utensils necessary to apply depilatory wax, provide deep-cleansing facials and so much more. You need something that is both durable and functional, and our line of Paragon beauty carts provides your estheticians with just what they need. Paragon beauty trolleys are high-quality products that feature and all metal construction, which makes them sturdy and easy to clean. Paragon salon trolleys provide your estheticians with a convenient and versatile workstation that keeps them organized and caters to all of their spa treatment needs. The tools you equip your personnel with make a distinct difference in the quality of your service, and Paragon spa trolleys provide your estheticians with everything they need to succeed. At Terry Binns Catalog, we have everything you need to keep your salon running seamlessly.