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These special products are the result of the very latest research at DR.BELTER® COSMETIC, coupled with the latest findings dermatology and cosmetic science. The Bel-Energen line encompasses precious, highly effective and focused ingredients that can efficiently provide support at the various levels of skin care. See and feel the difference with specific formulas with trendy ingredients, fresh and light scents.
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Bel-Energen ~ Microcrystal Cream Peeling Bel-Energen ~ Daydream Cleansing Foam Bel-Energen ~ Daydream Tonic Spray Toner
Mechanical peeling cream for manual Micro-Dermabrasion This soft, ultra light, soap-free foam frees the skin effortlessly and gently from make-up and dirt particles. The soothing tonic refreshes the skin with a delicate moisturizing mist and caring phyto-actives from grapes, horsetail and yarrow.
Bel-Energen ~ Phyto-Sensation Massage Concentrate Bel-Energen ~ Phyto-Sensation Elixir Bel-Energen ~ Phyto-Sensation Anti-Aging Cream
Massage medium and active concentrate in one product. Phyto-Sensation Elixir is an elite 3-week skin replenishing treatment. Phytohormones from different plants are combined with precious anti-aging actives that vigorously tackle the issues of cutaneous thinning and wrinkle formation.
Bel-Energen ~ Dermo-Relax Serum Bel-Energen ~ Dermo-Relax Serum Bel-Energen ~ Lumination Secret Elixir
This ultra light, refreshing moisturizing serum promotes a specific relaxing effect on the muscles of mimic expression. This ultra light, refreshing moisturizing serum promotes a specific relaxing effect on the muscles of mimic expression. This concentrate with SPF 15 is formulated to control hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.
Bel-Energen ~ Dermo-Relax Cream Bel-Energen ~ Replenishing Mask Bel-Energen ~ Lumination Secret
Dermo-Relax Cream is a multi-active wrinkle corrector cream. Anti-aging for any sky type lacking radiance.  Counteracts dermal thinning and wrinkle formation. This moisturizing skincare product is specifically designed for the targeted correction of undesired skin pigmentation.
Bel-Energen ~ Expertise 30 Concentra Pen Bel-Energen ~ Expertise 30 Set
The Concentra Pen with roll-on applicator is used to intensively work in the peptide and hyaluronic acid concentrate. Expertise 30 combines active ingredients with natural plant extracts to specifically counteract every aspect of physiological skin aging.