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Rubis ~ Ear & Nose Scissors Rubis ~ Classic Slanted Tweezer - Swiss Rubis ~ Pointed Tweezer
Rubis Ear & Nose Scissors have rounded tips for gentle insertion into the outer area of your nose or ear without fear of injury. The slanted tips make it ideal for plucking eyebrows. The pointed tips are particularly suited for the removal of ingrown hairs or splinters.
Rubis ~ Tweezer Two Tip Pointed/Slanted Rubis ~ Swiss Tweeze Slanted Tweezer Rubis Class Slant Tip Tweezer with Gold Wash Finish
Use slanted tip for all purpose hair removal, use pointed tip for fine hair and selective tweezing. Allows easy isolation of individual hairs. The Rubis Swiss Tweeze Slanted Tweezer is a high-quality cosmetic tweezer that facilitates comfortable, precise use. Rubis Gold Slant Tweezer
Rubis Gold Swiss Slant Tweezer Rubis Classic Slant Tip Tweezer with Rose Gold Wash Finish
Rubis Gold Slant Tweezer The Classic Slant Tip tweezer by Rubis with a beautiful rose gold wash finish. Made in Switzerland. Approximately 3 7/8" length.