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Hi there! I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying my new Earthlite Ellora Salon Massage Table. I’ve been an esthetician for fifteen years and have worked on a variety of tables and I have to say, this table is the bomb diggity. The pneumatic lift at the feet and head is effortless and quiet. I can position the table so that my clients feel cradled. The biggest thrill about owning this fine piece of equipment is my clients’ reactions. They are loving it and expressing desires to have it in their own homes. Along with the heating pad I’ve placed on top, it’s cozy and supportive. Because of the ease with which I can adjust it, I am finding that my own body ergonomics have improved as I’m no longer compensating for the odd angles that estheticians sometimes find themselves working.

If anyone is hesitating on whether or not to order this table, please encourage them to pull the trigger. It’s a serious piece of equipment without dominating my space. I ordered the 36” width without side arms and I don’t miss them a bit. My bigger clients fit more comfortably on this table than on any previous table that had arms. Another bonus is that is lowers deeply enough for my older clients so they no longer have to struggle with finding their way in and out. I have quite a few older clients and so this has been a HUGE relief for me and for them.

Also, I’d love to thank you and the guys for the great service I received. You all made such a big move EFFORTLESS. Schlepping a 300 pound table around is no easy feat and while I could’ve ordered the table directly from the Earthlite, I’m so glad I didn’t. The additional work in hiring someone to help me set up and added logistics would’ve caused me to pull my hair out. Instead, you and your team showed up as scheduled and knocked it out in short order, taking the packaging with you. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!

A very satisfied customer,