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Professional Wax Strips

When it comes to providing the best salon waxing experience for your clients, the supplies you use can have a huge impact on the overall quality of the whole visit. Our selection of hair removal strips is guaranteed to provide the utmost comfort and quality for estheticians and clients. Hair wax strips are used in combination with soft wax to remove any unwanted hair on parts of the body. However, we all know how painful this experience can be for both the esthetician and the clients. To provide you with the best experience possible, we offer Brazilian wax strips, body wax strips and even special facial wax strips available at affordable bulk prices.

Terry Binns’ variety of soft wax strips includes only top products, such as Miss Webril’s epilating strips, Gigi’s wax strip rolls (Pellon & muslin) and Bombshell’s non-woven wax strips. With only the highest quality brands for professional depilatory strips, you won’t have to worry about these warm wax strips ripping or tearing on the job. All-natural muslin wax strips are made from an unbleached cotton cloth and available in bulk 100 strip boxes or long wax rolls. We proudly sell Terry Binns’ non-woven Pellon wax strips in bulk. No other site provides 250 9"x3" strips per package and takes an additional 10% off the total when buying 12 or more.

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FantaSea Non-Woven 3 ¼" x 100 Yard Epilating Roll Gigi Cloth Epilating Strips 3 x 9 Pellon Waxing Depilatory Strips Gigi Muslin Epilating Roll 3 1/2" x 40 Yards. Bleached Fabric
A 3 ¼" x 100 yard, non-woven epilating roll for use with soft waxes. Has a great reputation amongst estheticians! Gigi Large Strips Gigi 3" x 40 yard bleached muslin roll.
Miss Webril ~ 9x3 Epilating Strips Terry Binns ~ Natural Muslin 1x3 Strips Terry Binns ~ Natural Muslin 40 yd. Roll
Our non-woven Epilating Strips and Rolls are designed to prevent wax bleed-through. Terry Binns brand waxing cloth made of natural muslin. Terry Binns brand waxing cloth made of natural muslin.
Terry Binns ~ Natural Muslin 9x3 Strips Terry Binns ~ Non-Woven 100 yd. Roll Terry Binns ~ Non-Woven 1x4 Strips
Terry Binns brand waxing cloth made of natural muslin. Terry Binns Non-Woven/Pelon 100 yd Roll Terry Binns Non-Woven/Pelon waxing strips.
Terry Binns ~ Non-Woven Pellon 9x3 Waxing Strips

Terry Binns Non-Woven/Pelon waxing strips.