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med Salve for Cracked Skin (.7oz) med Salve for Cracked Skin (2.6oz) med Nail Softener
Caring ointment for excessively dry, hard, rough and cracked skin. Caring ointment for excessively dry, hard, rough and cracked skin. Softens callus quickly and painlessly.
GERLAN Rosemary Bath Salt med Protective and Moisturizing Skin Oil med Lipidro Cream
Cleansing foot bath with the natural power and stimulation of oil of rosemary. Cares for skin, leaving it elastic and beautiful. Treats, reduces and helps protect against hard skin.
GEHWOL Soft Feet Cream GEHWOL Soft Feet Scrub GEHWOL Soft Feet Lotion
A gentle caring base that contains avocado oil and other valuable lipids for the feet and legs.
The Scrub gently and thoroughly removes dry skin scales, renews the skin surface and smoothes it. Natural bamboo granulate and jojoba wax encourage a gentle massage and enhance skin circulation, leaving feet and legs refreshed, while sugar crystals remove dry skin scales. Avocado Oil, honey and Vitamin E extract supply skin with valuable care substances.
The skin is prepared for subsequent care, e.g. with GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Cream, making it easier for valuable care ingredients to be absorbed. Ideal to use before self-tanning and shaving.
4.4 oz
Refreshes and nourishes skin and is ideal for tired legs and feet. Water lily and silk extract make the skin noticeably soft and smooth.