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Satin Smooth Wax Pot Collars beSmooth Sanitizing Skin Treatment Lotion 2oz Satin Cleanser Satin Smooth Preparation Cleanse
Universal disposable collars slip onto any of your wax wells to keep your environment neat and clean while waxing. Satin Smooth beSmooth® Sanitizing Skin Treatment Lotion provides a clean and hygienic finish to hair removal services. Pair it with your favorite wax or depilatory product to help prevent irritation and bumps, and leave skin silky, smooth and sexy. A pre-depilatory antiseptic tonic to ensure hygienic, comfortable wax service.
Satin Release Satin Cool by Satin Smooth - After waxing soothing gel Satin Azulene
A post-depilatory cleansing oil, for removing wax residue. Aloe Vera skin soother is a post-depilatory naturally soothing antiseptic gel. Dual-purpose formula pre- and post-depilatory. Calming chamomile derivative. Prepares, calms and soothes skin.
Satin Smooth ~ Citrus Mojito Satin Smooth ~ Calendula Gold Satin Smooth ~ Wild Cherry
Citrus Mojito soothes and moisturizes skin with Vitamin C and Natural Spearmint Oil. Formulated with enriched extracts from Calendula flower and the Tea Tree plant, which calm and soothe the skin and prevent inflammation. Formulated with enriched natural cherry fruit extracts and essential oils of Vitamin E which soothe skin and protect from irritation.
Satin Smooth ~ Zinc Oxide Soft Depilatory Wax Satin Smooth ~ Deluxe Cream Satin Smooth ~ Tea Tree with Eucalyptus
Developed for fair complexion and thin skin such as preteens, teens and first time waxers. Recommended for dry, dehydrated skin, it is an all-purpose creamy wax especially designed for thick, coarse and curly, stubborn hair. Natural calming extracts penetrate pores to relax and release hair folicles.
Satin Smooth ~ Lavender with Chamomile Satin Smooth ~ Honey with Vitamin E Satin Smooth ~ Honey with Argan Oil
Alleviates tension, relaxes hair follicles and creates a soothing waxing service. For use on all areas but formulated to spread thinly and easily over large body areas. The organic formulation contributes to a soothing application and flawless hair removal process.
Satin Smooth ~ Wax Strip Tray Satin Smooth ~ Aloe Vera ReMoveIt Surface Cleaner
Epilating Cloth Strips for Facial and Body Waxing.
Plastic tray with resealable snap-cover.
Designed to cool and moisturize while reducing irritation. Fresh, natural citrus-formulated cleaner that effortlessly removes wax buildup.
Satin Smooth ~ Titanium Blue Pebble Wax Satin Smooth ~ Wild Cherry Pebble Wax Satin Smooth ~ Select-A-Temp Wax Warmer
Convenient, customized service. Satin Smooth® Titanium Blue Thin Film Pebble Wax is a pourable formula of our traditional thin film wax, with the same incredible results. Just pour what you need into your warmer and the pebbles melt into the smooth, creamy texture you expect from Satin Smooth. Get the power to pour! Satin Smooth® Wild Cherry Pebble Wax with Vitamin E has the same great ingredients as the traditional hard wax you already use! Pour just the amount you need into your warmer and it quickly melts into a smooth, creamy formula that provides superior silky smooth results!

This state-of-the-art Professional Wax Warmer offers 12 temperature settings to let you guarantee every client a customized and comfortable depilatory experience.

Student Depilatory Wax Kit by Satin Smooth Satin Smooth ~ Single Wax Warmer Satin Smooth ~ Double Wax Warmer
The ideal wax kit for beginners, our Satin Smooth® Student Wax Kit features our best top-of-the-line tools and materials. Designed to fit most brands of 14 oz. wax cans, but does not fit Cirepil wax tins. 2 independent warming wells. Designed to create an even temperature throughout the day.