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Le Disque Nettoyage PVA Sponge TBSC ~ Pink Compressed Sponges New England Naturals ~ Deep Facial Cleansing Sponge Twin Pack
PVA facial sponges' finer pores give it a soft silky texture. Compressed Sponges. Great for cleansing the face, removing makeup, or removing product during facials.

2 ct
Natural cellulose facial cleansing and buffing sponges.
New England Naturals ~ SeaSilk Sponge Le Chamois New England Naturals ~ Round Compressed Sponges
For applying and removing cosmetics. Gentle facial cleansing. Soft, Silky and Absorbent for gentle yet thorough facial cleansing.  Great for Holiday Salon Gifts or Impluse Purchases at Salon Checkout Soft and absorbent. Larger pores provide more coarse texture than PVA
Cellulose Cleansing Sponges Intrinsics ~ Compressed Sponges
Cleansing sponges with larger pores for exfoliating and mask removal Soft and absorbent cellulose sponge