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With over 10 years of experience in the hair removal industry, Satin Smooth wax kits are trusted, proven and innovative tools that make painful waxing a thing of the past. Under the famous Conair Corporation umbrella, Satin Smooth is operated by a company that has been a part of the beauty industry for over 50 years. Terry Binns’ line of Satin Smooth wax products ensures your clients not only receive a comfortable treatment but also a thorough one. We offer Satin Smooth accessories that prepare you with the right materials for every step of the hair removal process. From our Satin Smooth oil to our wax residue remover, we believe every single step is an important one when delivering a professional salon service.

Whether you’re looking for a natural calming wax or hydrating wax, Satin Smooth Skincare offers a variety of waxes to meet the unique needs of each and every client. With wax that is designed specifically for coarser hair and ones that focus on first-time waxers, we know one size doesn’t always fit all. Get the best results with our line today!

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3 in 1 Lifter/Scraper/Rest Bar beSmooth Sanitizing Skin Treatment Lotion 2oz Satin Smooth Wax Pot Collars
Fits 14 oz. wax tins for easier removal of cans when switching waxes. Satin Smooth beSmooth® Sanitizing Skin Treatment Lotion provides a clean and hygienic finish to hair removal services. Disposable collars for wax wells.
Satin Smooth ~ Honey with Vitamin E Satin Smooth ~ Honey with Argan Oil Satin Release
For use on all areas but formulated to spread thinly and easily over large body areas. The organic formulation contributes to a soothing application and flawless hair removal process. A post-depilatory cleansing oil, for removing wax residue.
Satin Cool by Satin Smooth - After waxing soothing gel ReMoveIt Surface Cleaner Satin Azulene
Aloe Vera skin soother is a post-depilatory naturally soothing antiseptic gel. Fresh, natural citrus-formulated cleaner that effortlessly removes wax buildup. Dual-purpose formula pre- and post-depilatory. Calming chamomile derivative. Prepares, calms and soothes skin.
Satin Smooth ~ Zinc Oxide Soft Depilatory Wax Satin Smooth ~ Lavender with Chamomile Satin Smooth ~ Wax Strip Tray
Developed for fair complexion and thin skin such as preteens, teens and first time waxers. Alleviates tension, relaxes hair follicles and creates a soothing waxing service. Epilating Cloth Strips for Facial and Body Waxing.
Plastic tray with resealable snap-cover.
Satin Smooth ~ Titanium Blue Pebble Wax Satin Smooth ~ Scarlet Berry with Acai Hard Wax Satin Smooth ~ Select-A-Temp Wax Warmer
Blue, pebbled, hard depilatory wax. Scarlet Berry Wax features acai, considered the ultimate “beauty berry” by skin care professionals.

This state-of-the-art Professional Wax Warmer offers 12 temperature settings to let you guarantee every client a customized and comfortable depilatory experience.