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Satin Smooth ~ Organic Soy Satin Smooth ~ Wild Cherry Satin Smooth ~ Zinc Oxide Soft Depilatory Wax
Natural – pure and simple. Contains soybeans, honey, chamomile, palm oil and rapeseed oil. Formulated with enriched natural cherry fruit extracts and essential oils of Vitamin E which soothe skin and protect from irritation. Developed for fair complexion and thin skin such as preteens, teens and first time waxers.
Satin Smooth ~ Tea Tree with Eucalyptus Satin Smooth ~ Lavender with Chamomile Satin Smooth ~ Honey with Vitamin E
Natural calming extracts penetrate pores to relax and release hair folicles. Alleviates tension, relaxes hair follicles and creates a soothing waxing service. For use on all areas but formulated to spread thinly and easily over large body areas.
Satin Smooth ~ Honey with Argan Oil Satin Smooth ~ Scarlet Berry with Acai Hard Wax Satin Smooth ~ Aloe Vera
The organic formulation contributes to a soothing application and flawless hair removal process. Scarlet Berry Wax features acai, considered the ultimate “beauty berry” by skin care professionals. Designed to cool and moisturize while reducing irritation.
Satin Smooth ~ beBare Wax be bare Non Wax Hair Removal System Satin Smooth ~ Titanium Blue Pebble Wax Satin Smooth ~ Wild Cherry Pebble Wax
The Satin Smooth beBare Hair Removal System is a non-wax depilatory that leaves sensitive skin smooth, sexy, and silky. Blue, pebbled, hard depilatory wax. Red, pebbled, hard depilatory wax