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Biohazard Sharps Container Alcohol Prep Pads Kleenguard Protective Safety Eyewear Glasses
Translucent lid allows staff to identify fill levels quickly, thus helping to save time.
The soft, absorbent, non-woven pads are saturated with 70%isopropyl alcohol Kleenguard Safety Eyewear with clear lenses and clear temples.
Benzalkonium Antiseptic Toweletts Lady Eva Protective Eyewear Glasses with 1.00 Bifocal Sheath Clear Plastic Protective Eyewear Glasses
Alcohol-free, non-toxic and non-irritating. Provides bactericidal and cleansing action. Latex-free Lady Eva protective eyewear glasses with 1.00 bifocal Sheath protective eyewear with adjustable ear pieces.
Sea Breeze Astringent ~ Toner Alcohol 70% 16 oz size Ultronics 10 Min Instrument Disinfectant
Sea Breeze tones and soothes. Classic as a flaky scalp treatment! Alcohol 70% in 16 oz bottle. Marianna Brand. . Formulated for hospitals and health care facilities, this product is bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, psudlmonacidal, germicidal, and virucidal (kills HIV-1). Not recommended for plastics or rubber. Made in USA.
Gigi Hand Sanitizer - Made in USA No. 11 Manicurist Jar Barbicide Disenfectant - 16 oz
Destroys germs on contact.  Refreshes and moisturizes hands. Specifically designed to hold manicurists' implements Barbicide is known worldwide as the ultimate product for EPA registered, hospital grade disinfection in salons, barber shops and spas
Alcohol 70% in 32 oz bottle. Marianna Brand Mar-V-Cide Disinfectant 16oz Mar-V-Cide Clipper Ease 12 oz/240g
Alcohol 70% in 32 oz bottle. Marianna Brand. Disinfectant - Germicide - Fungicide - Virucide Mar-V-Cide Clipper Ease is for Beauty Salons, Spa, and Pet Salons. Disinfects and lubricates clipper blades.
Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner Spray Alcohol 99% in 16 oz size Mar-V-Cide Disinfectant Spray 16.5oz
Hospital strength cleanser eliminates odors as it disinfects! 99% Alcohol in 16 oz bottle. Marianna Brand Disinfectant - Germicide - Fungicide - Virucide
Ultronics Disinfectant Cleaner Deodorizer Concentrate 2 oz with Bottle CaviWipes Disinfecting Towelettes  Flat Pack of 45 Pieces Isabel Cristina Let's Dance 8oz
Ultronics Ultracare Disinfectant Cleaner CaviWipes in flat package of 45 towelettes. Made in USA Use it for soaking; Combs, Washable Files, Brushes, Finger Nail Brushes and ALL Plastic Implements
Dash Vinyl Powder-Free Mehaz Disinfectant Tray Alcohol 99% in 32 oz bottle
100 Count Box of Powder-Free Professional Vinyl Gloves. For sterilizing manicure and pedicure implements skin care implements hair shears and sterilizing files Alcohol 99% in 32 oz size
21oz Glass Manicure Jar Disposable Protective Mask CaviCide 1 Spray 24 oz by Metrex
Great for Sanitizing and disinfecting implements. Disposable single use protective face mask. For personal and professional use. Cavicide1 Trigger Spray by Metrex. 24 oz. Made in USA
Alasta with Aloe Nitrile Exam Gloves Alasta Shimmer Pink Nitrile Exam Gloves Henry Schein ~ Procedure Mask
When you need nitrile, but want the comfort and performance of latex ... NOW WITH ACTIVE ALOE™. When you need nitrile, but want the comfort and performance of latex Latex-Free. Light, comfortable masks for extended wear when necessary.