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Professional Exfoliating Cleansing Sponges

The exfoliation process is crucial to a proper facial, and our line of professional exfoliating cleansing sponges helps you provide a gentle, deep cleanse for each and every customer. Find high-quality, round compressed facial sponges to help you clean up makeup, sweat, oil, dirt and any other toxins commonly found on the skin. Our professional exfoliating sponge for face will help you prepare the skin for the steaming process so that when the pores are open they will only absorb skin-friendly products. Easily remove all impurities with our facial sponges for estheticians made out of all-natural materials that are soft on the skin to prevent irritation, making our compressed sponges for spa treatments the best products to use for deep cleansing. We have reusable facial sponges as well as disposable facial sponges if you prefer a one-time use product. Shop now from our wide selection of exfoliating sponges to find cleansing tools your aestheticians will love.

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Le Disque Nettoyage PVA Sponge TBSC ~ Pink Compressed Sponges Le Chamois
PVA facial sponges' finer pores give it a soft silky texture. Compressed Sponges. Great for cleansing the face, removing makeup, or removing product during facials.

2 ct
Soft, Silky and Absorbent for gentle yet thorough facial cleansing.  Great for Holiday Salon Gifts or Impluse Purchases at Salon Checkout
New England Naturals ~ Round Compressed Sponges FantaSea Cellulose Cleansing Sponges Intrinsics - Compressed Sponges
Soft and absorbent. Larger pores provide more coarse texture than PVA Pack of 25 cellulose sponges to be used for skin cleansing during salon processes. Compressed disc which expands when wet to make a soft and absorbent sponge.
FantaSea Compressed Cellulose Sponges
A cellulose sponge, for facial cleansing, compressed in a space-saving package! Package of 75 compressed sponges.