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Intrinsics Cosmetology Products

If you’re looking to provide the utmost comfort and sanitation for your clients, our selection of esthetic wipes, cotton pads, gauzes, applicators and more by Intrinsic spa supply offers some of the highest quality sanitation products that you can find. Intrinsic professional products are highly renowned as being the premier provider of single-use salon and spa supplies. Dating back to when the business started in 1900 as a simple cotton batting company, we now know the brand as creating only the finest materials for spas and salons today.

Offering some of the most popular Intrinsics products, including Intrinsics cotton wipes and gauze pads, Terry Binns offers single-use supplies that are perfect for use in salons and spas of all sizes. Intrinsics cotton is not only of the highest quality and comfort but also provides a way for estheticians to choose from a variety of different forms, such as Intrinsic wipes, pads, applicators, rolls, rounds and much more, to cater to each and every service. We know that when it comes to having a great experience, even the little things can make the biggest difference, so come give us a try today for your Intrinsics cosmetology product needs.

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Intrinsics ~ Petite Silken Wipes" 2x2  Aesthetic Wipes Intrinsics ~ 100% Cotton Aesthetic Wipes Intrinsics • Silken Aesthetic Wipes ~ 4 x 4
Intrinsics ~ Petite Silken Wipes ~ 200 Count 100% Naturelle™ cotton Intrinsics ~ 4x4 Silken Wipes. An Esty Favorite!
Intrinsics ~ 12-ply Gauze Pads Intrinsics ~ Cotton Rounds Intrinsics ~ Glycolic Applicators
Intrinsics ~ 12 ply Gauze Pads 100% Naturelle™ cotton 8” double-tipped
Intrinsics ~ 1 lb Cotton Roll Intrinsics ~ Cotton Tipped Applicators 6" Intrinsics ~ Cotton Swabs
12” wide, 100% Naturelle™ Cotton 6”, 100% Naturelle™ cotton, wood handle 3”, 100% Naturelle™ cotton, double-tipped
Intrinsics ~ Nail Tech's Choice 2x2 Filled Gauze Intrinsics ~ Compressed Sponges Intrinsics ~ Gentle Cleansing Towels
Absorbent & abrasive Compressed Cellulose sponges are a professional's favorite.  These sponges help you make the most out of any storage space because of their small size, yet they quickly plump to full size.  Perfect for any facial room! Use to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin before facial services.
Intrinsics Cotton Balls Carolina Cotton - 4x4 Esthetic Cotton Wipes Intrinsics ~ Pillowettes 80ct ~ all cotton ~
Ideal for makeup removal, product application and general cleansing. A premium-quality, 100% cotton gauze wipe by Carolina Cotton at a discount price!
Paper Wrapper.
Pillowettes are a 100% cotton miniature pillow with space for your finger and make an excellent product for eye makeup removal.
Intrinsics ~ X'Tra Thick Cotton Pad 100 ct  ~ New Addition for US!
Intrinsics X-Tra thick cotton pads can be used wet or dry to apply or remove product. 100% Cotton.