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Gigi Wax Products for Skin Preparation & Care

GiGi has over 40 years of industry experience, and GiGi wax products are innovative, high-quality items that cater to all your waxing needs. Our diverse selection contains options that help put your clients at ease throughout the process, from start to finish. This sensitive practice relies on clients being relaxed to ensure everything goes smoothly, and our GiGi lotions and skin-preparation products create calming conditions so clients can let down their hair.

To give your clients a complete experience, you can use a deep-cleansing lotion like GiGi Pre-Hon lotion to prevent irritation and satisfy the skin. For clients with more sensitive bodies, we suggest the GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray to gently desensitize skin. To wrap up the process, we offer Gigi wax remover, designed to eliminate wax residue, with aloe vera that soothes and smoothes skin. For clients in a hurry, we offer Gigi post-wax lotions as an alternative to help slow down hair growth and conceal redness, allowing your clients to apply lotion and makeup soon after the wax. Try a few today to find your favorite cream.

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GiGi ~ Wax Off GiGi ~ Slow Grow GiGi ~ Post Epilation Lotion
GiGi Wax Off gently removes all traces of wax from the skin. Nourishing lotion that contains Papain & Natural enzymes to slow down the formation of new hair. GiGi Post-Epilation Lotion is a rich cleansing lotion developed for use after the waxing process.
GiGi ~ Anesthetic Numbing Spray GiGi ~ Post Wax Concealer GiGi ~ Sure Clean
GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray is a topical analgesic spray that gently desensitizes the skin prior to waxing. Conceal redness and protect your client's skin with GiGi After Wax Skin Concealer. GiGi Sure Clean is the fast and effective way for removing wax from most surfaces.
GiGi ~ Pre-Hon Lotion
Formulated to cleanse the skin before waxing.