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1/2 oz Sample Jar 25ml Plastic Measuring Scoop 30ml Plastic Measuring Scoop
25ml Plastic Measuring Scoop 30ml Plastic Measuring Scoop
Rounded Plastic Spatula - 3pk 250ml Plastic Measuring Cup Biohazard Sharps Container
3pk Plastic Rounded Spatula 250ml Plastic Measuring Cup Translucent lid allows staff to identify fill levels quickly, thus helping to save time.
Retractable Blush Brush Intrinsics ~ Silken Aesthetic Wipes Intrinsics ~ 12-ply Gauze Pads
A retractable, compact blush brush that's perfect for touch-ups on the go! Blend of soft fibers.  2x2 and 4x4 available Med-Esthetic®
Canyon Rose ~ Terry Cloth Spa Headband 400ml Plastic Measuring Cup Canyon Rose ~ Plush Microfiber Headband
High-quality blended stretch terry offers warmth, comfort and absorbency making it a natural choice for spa apparel. 400ml Plastic Measuring Cup Cloud 9 apparel features an absolutely sumptuous and pampering fabric so delightfully cozy, you lose yourself in its pure dreamy softness.
Flat Tip Plastic Spatula 3.5" - 50pk 3 ml Sample Jar 25pc 600ml Plastic Measuring Cup
50pk Flat Tip Spatula Available in Pink, White(out of stock), and Purple

25 pc.
600ml Plastic Measuring Cup
Mini Taklon Fan Brush Carolina Cotton - 4x4 Esthetic Cotton Wipes Small Taklon Fan Brush
This brush has a red handle. A premium-quality, 100% cotton gauze wipe by Carolina Cotton at a discount price! Overall length including brush is approximately 7 3/4" long. Width of brush head is approximately 1 1/4." This is a taklon brush and the hairs are artificial and orange in color. The handle is clear acrylic.
2000ml Plastic Measuring Pitcher Unscented paraffin Continuous Mist Spray Bottle
2000ml Plastic Measuring Pitcher One pound package of unscented parafin wax, used for facials, hand treatments, and foot treatments. Spray bottle which delivers a fine, continuous mist for various salon uses.
Short Handle Stiff Fan Mask Brush Soft Fan Brush Taupe Ultra Mixing Bowl - Small Ultronics
Soft fan brush which can be used for light-weight facial applications. Ultra-Bowls are ideal for facial masks, body treatments, waxes, hair color, artificial nail removal.
Pink Ultra Mixing Bowl - Small Marianna Shower Caps 50ml Pyrex Glass Beaker
Ultra-Bowls are ideal for facial masks, body treatments, waxes, hair color, artificial nail removal. Marianna clear plastic shower caps. 50ml Pyrex Glass Beaker
Large Taklon Fan Brush FantaSea Cellulose Cleansing Sponges Fluffy Headbands
Pack of 12 cellulose sponges to be used for skin cleansing during salon processes. Fluffy, soft & economical disposable headband.