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»MAN« • specialized care for men »Ocula« • eye area maintenance & treatment »Samtea« • sensual & effective body care
»Sensi-Bel« • skincare for sensitive skin »Stimula« • rich anti-aging care Line »A« • skincare for acne-prone skin
Line »N« • innovative skincare for normal skin

Dr. Belter Cosmetics

Terry Binns Skin Care is thrilled to be the only partnered Dr. Belter shop in the United States, providing top-quality Dr. Belter professional skin care products at bulk prices to salons throughout the country. Made from selected high-grade raw materials, this botanically-based skin care includes a product for every type of skin at every age. This line of natural skin care products and supplies is tested by the company’s lead biochemist and researcher, Dr. Clemens Belter. Dr. Belter’s laboratories are used to constantly test the microbiology of each Dr. Belter product, ensuring optimal effectiveness and a true quality assurance guarantee.

Imported from Germany, Dr. Belter skin care includes a product for every customer, from young skin to aging skin, sensitive skin or demanding skin. Each product has been specially formulated for its intended user, indicated by the color-coded packaging, allowing anyone to enjoy beautiful, radiant skin at any age. Terry Binns Skin Care is honored to be the sole U.S. distributor of Dr. Belter products. We offer bulk prices lower than all of our competitors and free shipping on orders over $150. To see pricing, log in to your verified account and place your order today.

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Intensa ~ Sensitive Crystal Gel Dr. Belter Aloe Vera Collagen Mask Dr. Belter Ginkgo Biloba Collagen Fiber Mask
Oil-free moisturizing gel with Allantoin. For use with any Derm Mask or Collagen sheet as a contact/activating gel. Aloe infused collagen fiber mask. Suitable for all skin types. Especially recommended for mature and demanding skin as the Ginkgo fiber mask is mildly stimulating.
Dr. Belter Vital C Collagen Mask Fiber Blanket Samtea ~ Oriental Peeling Glove Intensa ~ Lip Balsam
Dr. Belter's Vital C Collagen Mask is the same collagen fiber mask our customers love, but infused with Vitamin C! It frees the skin from any unevenness and stimulates the blood circulation. This wonderful lip balsam ensures beautiful, soft lips at any time of the year.
Intensa ~ Thermo Modelage Mask Samtea ~ Lotus Shower and Bath Gel Samtea ~ Shower and Bath Oil
A hard cast is made over the face creating a greenhouse effect. Stimulates biochemical reactions and blood supply, creating a high intake of substances. This blossomy gel composition with Lotus essence is a tender wake-up kiss for the skin. The skin simply feels fresh, clean and free. This silky soft oil cleanses your skin without drying it out.
Intensa ~ Ultima Lip Care Balm Intensa ~ Purifying Mask Dr Belter ~ Man ~ Quickstart Gel Face Wash
This wonderful lip balsam ensures beautiful, soft lips at any time of the year. This creamy express mask with natural clay is a beauty stimulus for a healthy and radiant complexion. Quickstart Gel Wash for Men 6.76 oz in a convenient tube for the shower.
Man ~ Comfort Cream Line A ~ Make-Up No. 0 Line A ~ Make-Up No. 1

Anti-aging cream with bioactive ingredients.

This make-up supports the normalization process for skin with a tendency to impurity. This make-up supports the normalization process for skin with a tendency to impurity.
Line A ~ Make-Up No. 2 Line A ~ Clarity Concentrate Line A ~ Mask
This make-up supports the normalization process for skin with a tendency to impurity. A powerful 2-phase fluid against pustules and impurities. The Line »A« Special Beauty Mask actively supports speedy normalization of skin with impurities, papules, pustules and reddened areas.
Line N ~ Cleansing Gel Ocula ~ Make-Up Remover Lotion Samtea ~ Thermo Guarana Peel-Off Mask
Every skin type will appreciate this cooling cleansing gel with its pleasant fresh melon fragrance. This oil-free, fresh liquid lotion removes eye make-up instantly and thoroughly. This body mask for firming and cellulite treatments is a profession application with exceptional effects.
Line »N« Orange Lotion Line A ~Clarity Duo Dr. Belter Stimula Nobless Fresh Tonic
The plant extract complex with stimulating properties ideally supports facial cleansing, preparing the skin for subsequent care. An effective treatment for clearing and covering dermal impurities. Nobless Fresh Tonic is the second, revitalizing stage of a perfect cleansing process.
Bel-Energen ~ Microcrystal Cream Peeling Line A ~ Cleansing Gel Line A ~ Lotion
Mechanical peeling cream for manual Micro-Dermabrasion This lime green cleansing gel, with its fresh lemon fragrance, is mild and calming, gentle and disinfectant. The cooling, calming lotion actively supports the cleansing of problem skin
Dr. Belter Stimula ~  Nobless Cleansing Milk Ocula ~ Makeup Remover Eyes and Lips Duo Dr. Belter Stimula Nobless Cleansing Oil
A gentle cleansing emulsion for dry and demanding skin. Suitable for all skin types. This product fuses the natural cleansing force of water and oil into one product, dissolving Mascara and Lipstick effortlessly. This hydrophilic cleansing oil gently cleanses the skin without drying it out.