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Cirepil Stripless Hard Wax Beads

A leading expert in the waxing industry, French manufacturer Perron Rigot has built its success off listening to the needs of clients and estheticians alike. After years of frustration surrounding the pain of waxing treatments, Perron Rigot created the first ever low temperature stripless wax, revolutionizing the waxing industry from that point forward. Cirepil wax beads melt down into a flexible hard wax specifically designed to grip the hair but not the skin, minimizing the pain of waxing even the most stubborn hair in intimate areas. After developing our original bestselling Original Blue Wax, Cirepil began releasing varieties of hard wax pellets designed specifically for sensitive skin, short hair, young adults and more. Cirepil Brazilian bikini hard wax beads have provided amazing relief to women worldwide.

Cirepil’s specialized line of European hard wax beads for hair removal is the first of its kind, unparalleled in quality and effectiveness. Place your order today to take advantage of case discount pricing on all depilatory hard wax, as well as fast shipping on bulk orders. Terry Binns is committed to helping your salon succeed with the finest professional stripless wax products and most innovative equipment available worldwide.

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Cirepil ~ Blue Refill Pellets 800g. Genuine Cirepil Wax. Original Blue Wax Cirepil ~ Eurose Refill Pellets Cirepil ~ Cristalline Refill Pellets
The perfect choice for sensitive skin with resistant hair. Works particularly well in sensitive areas with fine to medium hair such as underarms, bikini, and face. Recommended for very sensitive skin.
eScential ~ Rose Refill Pellets Hard Wax Cirepil ~ Blue Tin 400g. Genuine Cirepil Blue Wax Empty Wax Tin for Cirepil Hard Wax Pellets
Revolutionary new wax that is perfect for short, coarse, and hard to remove hairs. The perfect choice for sensitive skin with resistant hair. Empty wax tin with plastic lid. This fits most standard sized heaters and is a Cirepil product.
Cirepil ~ Visage 400g Pellets Cirepil ~ Cachemire Refill Pellets Cirepil - Boudoir Hard Pellet Wax 800 grm Bag
This gentle wax is soft and pliable, perfect for eyebrows, ears, and fuzz.
Closeout of older packaging.
Creamy gel texture, Hypoallergenic, Ultra sensitive, Ideal for first time waxers and young adults! This product may be purchased with advance notice by the case of 24 bags. Boudoir Hard Wax by Cirepil 800 grm Bag. Cirepil's Newest Hard Wax
Cirepil ~ Introduction Kit with Genuine Blue Hard Wax from France Cirepil ~ Tattoo Pellet Bead Hard Wax 800g Cirepil ~ eScential Rose Beads Pellets Hard Wax in Bulk
Cirepil Blue Wax Intro Kit Cirepil's Newest Addition ~ Tattoo Wax 800g Cirepil's eScential Rose in Bulk Package of 8.3 lbs.